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ccflcrestlslmidland schoolboy/girl league

Ladies Leinster cup


Season 2015/16

Ladies Team: In their first season do the Double CCFL Counties Cup & Leinster Junioe Cup

Senior Team: The double! Retained both the Paddy Cotter Cup and John Farrell Counties Cup

Season 2014/15



Senior Team:  The Treble!! CCFL Senior League (8 year in a row) Paddy Cotter Cup & Counties Cup  winners

B Team: CCFL Premier League Winners

U19:       CCFL League Champions

U16:      MSL League Champions

U13      MSL League runners up

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Schoolboys/Girls News

willow park

Thank you to Cunninghams Pharmacy for sponsoring the U14 tops


The U15's about to set off for the weekend to an International Cup tournament in Blackpool, England. Thanks to Byrne, Carolan & Cunningham Solicitors for their sponsorship of the team gear.

The U15’s about to set off for the weekend to an International Cup tournament in Blackpool, England.
Thanks to Byrne, Carolan & Cunningham Solicitors for their sponsorship of the team gear.